Pronto launches new case study video

Rulmeca UK Case Study

To celebrate 15 years of successful collaboration, Pronto Paints has teamed up with their client Rulmeca UK to create a new case study video.

The video explores how Pronto has helped improve Rulmeca’s rollers, allowing them to expand their business into new markets.

It highlights not only the importance of finding the right coating to suit your product but also the importance of working with suppliers who understand your business needs.

Watch the Rulmeca UK Case Study video here and let us know what you think!


A bit of background …

Rulmeca U.K. Ltd. is the premier supplier of conveyor rollers in the UK supplying both Bulk and Unit Handling products.

As Rulmeca rollers are exposed to extreme harsh conditions, finding a long-lasting coating is important to ensure the durability of the product.

When Pronto Paints started working with Rulmeca 15 years’ ago, the focus was to create a fast-drying cost-effective paint that enabled Rulmeca to speed up production and avoid bottlenecks on the paint floor. We created a thin 25 microns paint which dried extremely quickly.

However, due to the arduous conditions the rollers were being put through, this thin coating was not lasting as long as expected and, in some cases, started to chalk. Rulmeca quickly realised that they needed to invest more in coating if they wanted their rollers to look pristine for longer.

Pronto Paints reacted fast and set themselves to the challenge. We created a new bespoke coating that dries in one hour but also retains its gloss through the harshest conditions.

As a result, Pronto has helped improve Rulmeca’s rollers, allowing them to explore new markets and expand their business.