Ready to upgrade to a more durable paint? Pronto Paints presents 370:000

Pronto Paints presents 370:000 – a paint that gives any steel fabrication a glossy, durable finish without the need of a primer. 370:000 is a high-performance, two-component, anti-corrosive polyurethane coating with gloss and colour retention. This makes it an ideal […]

Are you protecting your steel structure correctly?

  Steel has many positive attributes but it is also renowned for its tendency to corrode over time. This is not only an esthetical problem, but can dramatically affect the structure itself, creating damaging consequences and making it unsafe. So […]

Protecting Steel Guidance Notes

Paint is the most commonly used material to protect steel and in practice the term “paint” covers a wide range of materials with very different properties. Modern resins provide a high level of protection, but only when careful attention has […]

Floorpaint Guidance Notes now available

Floors are often difficult surfaces to paint due to their wide variation and composition, surface contamination, surface treatments and expected end use. To that end, Pronto are pleased to offer guidance notes designed to help the job go well. Click […]

Lead Chromate Pigments in Industrial Coatings

Background Pigment Yellow 34 (Lead sulfochromate yellow) and Pigment Red 104 (lead chromate molybdate sulfate red) have been used in some industrial paints for many years. The introduction of the REACH regulation by the EU raised concerns whether their use […]

Concerns over the future use of Titanium Dioxide, TiO2

Dear customer, You may have heard in the media or via other channels that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has opened a public consultation on the proposal from the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) […]

Coatings Care and Pronto

We at Pronto Industrial Paints Ltd are active members of the British Coatings Federation and signatories to their ‘Coatings Care’ programme. We have fully documented QA procedures which guarantee product consistency, that include the full traceability of raw materials, intermediates […]

How to paint galvanised metal

Recommended system: Minimum D.F.T. 75 microns Tip size if spraying: 15 / 17 thou 60° Surface preparation: Degrease new bright galvanising and apply 028:000 T-Wash. When surface has turned black rinse with clean water. Check any areas that remain bright […]

Strata Products Ltd

Pronto Industrial Paints were contacted by Strata Products to help refurbish an old abandoned/derelict factory. The factory itself was built in the late 60’s and used by a wood products company, this was closed down in the recession of the […]