How do I prepare modular and portable buildings for painting?

Preparing your modular or portable building for painting is a crucial step to ensure that your coating adheres properly and provides a long-lasting finish. Here is a step-by-step guide, inspired by our guide on preparing metal fabrications but tailored for […]

How do I select the right coating for my modular or portable building?

Selecting the right coating for your modular or portable building involves various factors that are primarily dependent on your specific requirements, environmental conditions, and the intended use of the structure. It’s critical to consider factors such as durability, flexibility, VOC […]

Why do modular and portable buildings require specialist coatings?

Modular buildings have surged in popularity in recent years providing businesses with an attractive space and storage proposition in uncertain times. Modular buildings offer a practical and versatile option for factory expansion, delivering critical, semi-permanent facilities and a price competitive […]