MD’s Update – August 2021


We always strive to walk on the positive side of life at Pronto.

And we’re pleased that the coatings industry, via the BCF is reporting increasing levels of confidence and a surge in demand in some areas. They’re seeing sales up 24% in the first half of 2021 compared to 2020. Find out more here.

But we also know we’re still facing some significant challenges.

A unique, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime perfect storm of border challenges created by the UK’s departure from the EU, a global pandemic, force majeure in our supply line that has impacted on nearly all raw materials and also a haulier shortage in qualified drivers.

This creates a supply and demand imbalance which can result in reduced availability and surging prices.

If you’re seeing big price rises and reduced availability of your favourite coatings, it might be a time to start to look further afield at supply.

Whilst we can’t make any guarantees we can help each and every time, we’re certainly here to listen and advise. That’s the Pronto way and it’ll never change.

Drop us a line if you want a no-obligation and independent perspective. Drop us a message here.