MD’s update March 2022: The rising tide of rising costs in the coatings sector


The subject we try to avoid whenever possible, for fear of upsetting the applecart maybe.

The red line on the chart below shows where we pegged oil price when reviewing prices in Sept-Nov 2021.



I could do similar on the price on tin (packaging), resin pricing, but oil is the one we are all aware of and directly drives the price of solvents, of haulage costs and more.

Needless to say we will be reviewing pricing again, but our main aim, as ever, is to maintain continuity of supply for our amazing customers.

We have all heard or suffered from our supply chain stretching beyond reasonable limits.

Pronto have increased raw material stocks by over 50% to try and counter this, but disruptions are still common place as the world adjusts yet again.

From Brexit to Covid to a Haulage Crisis and now sadly war, we will attempt to do the right things, look after our customers and hopefully look after a few more who want to explore alternative or additional supply lines.

With uncertainty over steel, energy and raw materials, what a time to be in business!

Lets stick together and make the best of things, I’m sure in time it will settle down and we will remember fondly everyone who helps make things that little bit easier!

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