MD’s update April 2022: “Have you got it available? I need it now!”

“Have you got it available? I need it now!”


Do you remember the old days ?

When you learned your craft on how to engage with your target market and write relevant content?

When you rehearsed the first conversation with a buyer and had your pros and cons learnt to perfection, to overcome their objections?

When you pushed for a product trial so your technical team could demonstrate product efficacy and allow you to calculate cost savings over the existing system?

We still do all that, but increasingly the conversation is as simple as :

“Have you got it available? I need it now!”

Price is always important, but having paint available to be used is way more important. You can’t paint with a cheaper product that doesn’t exist, or will only be available in 5 weeks!

It is still very important to do things properly as well, nobody should be compromising on quality even in tough times.

Making investments

Our 2019 investment in more warehousing has turned out to be a smart move. It has allowed us to invest in increasing our raw material inventory by over 50%.

At the moment this means we can answer that number one question buyers have with a confident

“Yes – you can have it from Pronto.”


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