Most paints have a suitable thinner to ensure proper application, these are the ones relating to the coatings on our website. Many more tailored thinners are available to control most aspects of application, why not get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.


003:000 QD Thinners

QD Thinners for thinning our range of QD products

011:000 Low Odour Thinners

Low Odour Thinners for thinning 340:105 and 340:205

019:000 Slow Thinner 219

Slow Thinners for thinning our range of QD products

044:000 Epoxy CV Thinners

Epoxy CV Thinners for thinning 102:005

005:000 2 Pack Epoxy Thinners

Suitable for thinning our range of 2 Pack Epoxy products

006:000 2 Pack PU Thinners

suitable for thinning 350:000 and 350:100 only

010:000 Gunwash

Suitable for cleaning out equipment after use, not for thinning any paint products with.

015:000 2 Pack Iso-Free Thinners

Suitable for thinning 350:510 only.

028:000 T-Wash
  • Solution of phosphoric acid and copper salt.
  • For the pre-treatment of galvanised steel to improve the adhesion of subsequent coating system
  • Complies with the BR specification for T-Wash.
034:000 ProSyn 571 Thinners

Suitable for thinning 203:406