Metal Fabrications

200:066 Quick Drying Heat Resistant Primer

£51.45 / 5 Litres

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At a glance

  • Fast drying general purpose primer
  • Overcoatable with a range of Q.D. finishes
  • Excellent protection of bare steel and fabrications
  • Ideal to go under 204:500 QD Heat Resistant Topcoat

Intended Uses

200:066 is a semi-matt anti-corrosive metal primer that is suitable for interior and exterior use on ferrous metals with service temperatures up to 250°C. It is strongly recommended that it be overcoated with 204:500 QD Heat Resistant Finish.



Available in Light Grey.

Gloss Level

Semi matt

Volume Solids

Nominally 43%.

Recommended Film thickness

Typical dry film thickness when applied is 50 microns.

Theoretical Coverage

Approx 8.6 square metres per litre at 50 microns dft. NB. The practical coverage rate depends on many factors and will be less than the theoretical figure.

Method of Application

200:066 is best applied by airless, air assisted or conventional spray.

Drying Time

Touch Dry …… 25 minutes.
Handle dry ….. 1 – 2 hours.
Full Cure …….. 7 days
Drying times are quoted at 20°C and will vary with actual conditions such as: film thickness, air movement, temperature and humidity.

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