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350:510 2 Pack Iso-Free Finish

£84.25 / 5 Litre Pack

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At a glance

  • Out performs 1K finishes
  • Alternative when isocyanates cannot be used
  • Superior gloss retention when compared to epoxy finishes

Intended Uses

It is an ideal alternative to 2-pack acrylic/polyurethane finishes where the use of an isocyanate-based curing agent is not acceptable. It has excellent exterior durability and chemical resistance and is particularly suitable for applications where a long coating life is required. Although it will outperform one-pack coatings and have superior gloss retention when compared with 2-pack epoxy finishes, it will not perform quite as well as an isocyanate-cured acrylic system over the long term



Available in a wide range of colours including most British Standards, RAL and special colours to customer requirements.

Gloss Level

Full gloss

Volume Solids

Nominally 40%, varying slightly with colour.

Recommended Film thickness

Typical dry film thickness when applied is 40 microns.

Theoretical Coverage

Approx 10 square metres per litre at 40 microns dft. NB. The practical coverage rate depends on many factors and will be less than the theoretical figure.

Method of Application

350:510 is best applied by conventional spray and airless spray (9 – 11 thou tip).

Drying Time

Touch Dry …… 30 – 60 minutes.
Handle dry ….. 3 – 4 hours.
Full Cure …….. 7 days
Drying times are quoted at 20°C and will vary with actual conditions such as: film thickness, air movement, temperature and humidity.

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