How to paint galvanised metal

    • Recommended system:


    • Minimum D.F.T. 75 microns
    • Tip size if spraying: 15 / 17 thou 60°
    • Surface preparation: Degrease new bright galvanising and apply 028:000 T-Wash.
    • When surface has turned black rinse with clean water.
    • Check any areas that remain bright and if required degrease and re-apply T-Wash to the localised area.
    • Ensure that the surface is completely dry and apply 450:004 Pro-Tect finish.
    • Apply as a half coat followed by a full achieving a total wet film thickness of 185 microns.
    • Re-coating can be carried out at any time without any concern regarding lifting, crazing or intercoat adhesion.
    • Depending on drying conditions, the surface should be touch dry in approximately 40 mins and fully cured in 7 days.