Are you protecting your steel structure correctly?


Steel has many positive attributes but it is also renowned for its tendency to corrode over time. This is not only an esthetical problem, but can dramatically affect the structure itself, creating damaging consequences and making it unsafe.

So how can you ensure your structure’s longevity and avoid unwelcomed maintenance earlier than expected?

This is a question that has been asked many times before – and in the 1990s an international standard on corrosion protection of steel structures was created, the ISO 12944, to tackle this ongoing issue.

This ISO 12944 states what paint systems should be used to protect a steel structure as best as possible – and according to the guide there are two main factors to consider; the environment in which the structure lives in and the amount of time you wish to wait before planning the next round of maintenance.

Pronto Paints has worked hard on creating long-lasting paint formula to match all criteria, and comply with these ISO 12944 standards.


Factors to consider

Understanding the ISO 12944 standards is as easy as ABC.


A – In what environment does your structure live?

The scale varies depending on the corrosive environment. There are 6 different categories ranging from “very low” to “very high”.

A steel structure in a “very low” corrosive environment would typically be situated indoors in a heated room – for example a school or a hospital.

On the opposite end of the scale, a steel structure living in a “very high” corrosive environment could be outdoors in an industrial area.

Most projects take place in and around the city, and this environment is classified as a “medium” corrosive environment.

To figure out in which environment your structure lives in click here.


B – How long do you want to leave it until planning a next round of major maintenance?

The obvious answer would be as long as possible. However, purchasing a higher quality coating system with increased durability also comes with a price tag.

Moreover, the answer to this could depend on how permanent the structure is, or if other parts of the structure or building will need maintaining anyway.

ISO 12944 specifies a range of timeframes to choose from- less than 5 years, 5 to 15 years, or more than 15 years.


C – Selecting a Pronto paint system that corresponds

Finally, once you have established which categories your steel structure falls in, and how durable you would like the paint system to be, you can choose the right paint.

For more information on which paints to choose, and more detail on the ISO 12944 please click here or download our brochure.