Lockdown Latest 24/4/20

Firstly, we hope everyone in any way connected with Pronto Paints is safe and well.

We continue to applaud the efforts of the NHS, all designated key workers and the UK government for their unwavering  work in our best interest at this time.

We remain open

It’s been a challenge but from a coatings perspective, Pronto Paints remains open for business and can support businesses across the country who need coatings for their work, or to implement social distancing layouts on factory floors and outside areas.

Our factory remains restricted with sales and marketing teams continuing to work from home.

We’re encouraged that our supply chain remains in good shape and we would again like to thank everyone who works with Pronto for their ongoing support in hugely challenging times, and to reassure our customers that we will be able to meet your needs if you are operational.

Safe working

A big part of this is the effort we’re taking to work in line with the Government’s social distancing in the workplace guidance. Because of this, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a rise in demand for our floor and linemarking products.

So if you need to prepare workplaces for returning workers and ensure safe distancing, or maybe you are setting up test centres or because the unseasonably warm weather is pulling planned maintenance work forward, do remember we are here to help.

Handrub sanitiser

You’ll have seen we are now accepting orders from UK healthcare providers and manufacturers for the 5L version of our new WHO Handrub Sanitiser. You can order online or by calling us directly but please note all orders will be vetted first to ensure you meet our prioritised customer criteria.

Details can be found here.

Supporting the front line 

We’re supporting a number of customers working into front-line support right now, but from a Pronto perspective, we’re delighted to be donating a percentage of every batch of Handrub made to healthcare facilities, hospitals and care homes in the local area.

Employees have already been nominating places close to their hearts and to date we’ve donated the equivalent of 25,000 hand washes to organisations in urgent need.

It’s a small contribution to a significant national and international challenge.