What are the benefits of using specialist industrial coatings for metal fabrication?


The benefits of using specialist industrial coatings for metal fabrication are significant. 

Specialist industrial coatings are essentially specialised paints that are used to protect various substrates, like concrete or steel. They are an essential part of the production process for any organisation manufacturing or supplying equipment, machinery or products composed of metallic elements. 

No organisation can really afford to put off maintaining a proactive industrial coating regiment or having a coating applied to a new piece of equipment. 

But in the case of metal fabrication, specialist industrial coatings offer a number of specific benefits.


1. They provide protection. 

Usually there is a fundamental need to protect the item that’s being coated. When you are in any kind of industrial environment, heavy wear is a concern, so by applying an industrial coating, you can protect various surfaces and help them retain their sheen, hardness for a longer period of time.


2. They provide safety. 

Sometimes you may need to make a surface anti corrosive non-slip or non-stick. This might be a mezzanine floor, steps or handrails. industrial-strength coatings help prevent slipping, especially in areas where there is a lot of liquid that could be present. Other components or machines may need a non-stick surface to ensure rapid, quality processing of materials. Industrial coatings are the best way to keep a variety of surfaces safe.


3. They prevent corrosion. 

Rust or other corrosive debris is another issue that often materialises in industrial applications. 

Often machinery components and surrounding areas are built with materials that naturally corrode over time or are affected by the materials that pass through them, causing them to corrode and degrade.

Industrial coatings can be engineered to provide the perfect connection between a machine and the material it is processing. It can not only stand up to the processing material, but can also minimise natural occurring corrosion by eliminating material threat and ingress.


4. They keep surfaces clean. 

With industrial coatings, you can improve the potential cleanliness of surfaces, especially in factory situations. Engineering a coating that will specifically resist whatever you are processing will deliver cleaner surfaces as materials will be kept away from the metal.

Industrial coatings offer superior benefits over other options and that’s why the global industry is worth USD 102 billion in 2021 and predicted to grow to USD 116 billion in 2025. 

They are an important part of every piece of any metal fabrication project and it’s important that you take your time and do the research to ensure that you’ve got the right coating. An expert will help you understand what type of coating you need for your specific application.



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