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203:002 Quick Drying High Build Anticorrosive Primer/Finish

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At a glance

  • Fast drying
  • Low Sheen / Matt finish
  • Ideal for pre-painted refurbishment
  • Excellent recoating properties

Intended Uses

High quality anticorrosive primer/ finish for steel fabrication. Yields a quick drying high sheen finish to give a good all round durable paint film resistant to mild chemicals, with good exterior durability, corrosion resistance, salt spray and excellent re-over coating properties.



Available in a wide range of colours including most British Standards, RAL and special colours to customer requirements.

Gloss Level


Volume Solids

Nominally 43%, varying slightly with colour.

Recommended Film thickness

Typical dry film thickness when applied is 85 microns.

Theoretical Coverage

Approx 5 square metres per litre at 85 microns dft. NB. The practical coverage rate depends on many factors and will be less than the theoretical figure.

Method of Application

203:002 is best applied by airless or air assisted spray.

Drying Time

Touch Dry …… 15 minutes.
Handle dry ….. 2 – 4 hours.
Full Cure …….. 7 days
Drying times are quoted at 20°C and will vary with actual conditions such as: film thickness, air movement, temperature and humidity.

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