Ready to upgrade to a more durable paint? Pronto Paints presents 370:000

Pronto Paints presents 370:000 – a paint that gives any steel fabrication a glossy, durable finish without the need of a primer.

370:000 is a high-performance, two-component, anti-corrosive polyurethane coating with gloss and colour retention. This makes it an ideal coating for steel fabrications which endure a great deal of use and need to last as long as possible before their first maintenance – such as trailers, chassis, agricultural applications and other machinery.

In this post we have focused on the key features of this coating, highlighting its premium qualities and high durability.


Designed to use without the need of a primer

Using a primer is always recommended when painting a metal substance.

A primer will seal your fabrication from exposure and oxidation. In the long run this will limit problems with rust and metal decay. And in the short run a primer will help the paint bind better and avoid it flaking.

Yet adding a primer coating is generally more expensive because of the cost of primer and extra labour. It also creates bottlenecks in the production line, as staff must wait for the primer coating to dry before painting.

To help improve the efficiency of productions, Pronto Paints has designed 370:000 – purposely made to use without any primer. It can be applied directly to metal. The paint itself combines all the benefits of a primer, protecting the metal in the long-term and avoiding any paint chipping.

This enables paint jobs to be carried out in one single stage, significantly saving costs and process time as well as increasing productivity.

These factors make 370:000 indispensable for paint workshops where time is of the essence.


Long-term protection

370:000 not only saves time and money, but also offers undisputed long-term protection. As a 2-component coating with excellent exterior durability and chemical resistance, it is particularly suitable for applications where a longer coating life to first maintenance is required.

It provides a tough anti-corrosive protective coating with good gloss and colour retention – making it resistant to many common chemicals including battery acid, alkalis, grease, oil etc.


Straightforward application

370:000 is extremely easy to apply. It can be directly applied onto most ferrous metals, without the need of a primer. The thickness of this paint makes it extremely flexible to use with any application system (with no adjustments needed). This includes spray-gun, airless spray and air-assisted airless methods.

A normal coating will dry overnight, to avoid any delays in production. It is also possible to dry it quicker using force drying techniques.


The perfect finish

The end result is very glossy in comparison to similar products on the market. We typically achieve 85% glossiness, varying slightly with film thickness and if dried naturally or force dried.

370:000 is available in most colours depending on your specific needs. This includes the British Standard colours, RAL colours and specialist colours.

Additionally, this coating fully complies with the latest regulations having a VOC below 420g/l. It also conforms to the Department of Environment PG6/23 Clause 20 (d)9v0, to help achieve target emissions of 0.60 under the SED.


All these qualities make this paint one of the finest on the market. However, like any product of quality, 370:000 is not the cheapest option. Yet the feedback we have had so far from our clients is that this initial investment is quickly made up as a result of time and money saved at production stage, as well as costs saved on maintenance.

This Pronto Paints product is one of our most successful coatings yet – and gets a lot of repeat orders. If you would also like to improve the efficiency of your production line and the quality of your product then get in touch today.

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