Choosing coatings for metal fabrication and steel applications

When you are specifying coatings for metal fabrication, there are naturally different types of coatings that are best suited to different applications.

But what is driving your choice? Here’s four of the most important.


Corrosion protection

The main purpose of all types of metal fabrication coatings is protection against corrosion. Water-borne and solvent-borne coatings work well in industrial use, but different types of coatings have different pros and cons. This means users should always consider specific products and the specific application at hand.


Check out Pronto Quick Drying Heat Resistant Primer for metal fabrication.

Our QD Heat Resistant primer (code 200:066) is a semi-matt anti-corrosive metal primer that is suitable for interior and exterior use on ferrous metals with service temperatures up to 250°C.



In addition to protection from corrosion and other natural elements, specifying quality metal coatings improves durability for the entire metal structure. Coatings that last longer once applied also directly result in longer maintenance painting intervals, which in turn helps asset owners manage costs in the long run.


Choose Quick Drying Pronto Cold Galv Zinc Rich primer (code 150:006), a single pack primer for steel with excellent anti-corrosive properties that is ideal for protection and repairs.


Cosmetic appearance

Metal coatings don’t just offer long-term protection – they provide preservation of a structure’s cosmetic appearance, often under extreme conditions or very frequent use. Once the coating is specified, you can tailor based on preferences such as paint colour, gloss level and more.


Click to see more about Pronto Quick Drying Gloss Spraying Finish (code 202:000), a quick drying full gloss with a durable finish resistant to mild chemicals, available in a wide variety of British Standards, RAL and special colours to customer requirements.


Chemical and water resistance

Applying a proper metal coating means forming a tough surface on your structure, and, in addition to protection from corrosion, the coatings are also highly resistant to any abrasion or chemical stress.


Use Pronto Quick Drying Brush / Spray Heat Resistant Finish (code 204:500) in conjunction with 200:066 Primer listed above.

The gloss finish is similarly resistant to mild chemicals with good exterior durability. Ideal for interior and exterior use on metal at operating temperatures up to 250°C. Colour options include bright aluminium, silver or black.



For the full range of coatings suitable for metal fabrication applications, click here.