MD’s blog, April 2023: Another financial year completed.

Pronto completed another trading year on Friday.

Nearly 15 years since James and myself took over the day to day running in the most difficult of circumstances.

The company is probably a little larger now than most people realise, with over 50% of production done for other brands and paint cans not showing our name. It’s been a difficult year at time working with supply chain to ensure consistency and availability, the pricing makes you wince sometimes!

We will be needing an audit next year though as a clue to our growth, 3x since taking over and 5x since I joined way back in the last millennium!

Fitting in an amazing stint as BCF president and now on the Board at CEPE has helped to keep my thinking fresh and on top of the many challenges the coating sector needs to work on solving.

But 2022/3 is now in the past, it’s nice to reflect occasionally but if we don’t look forwards it will all end in tears.

So it’s time to set some new targets soon and see where we end up in 15 years time.

Then I might let someone else have a turn at one of the best jobs in the industry – leading a loyal team that consistently go above and beyond to look after our amazing customers and brand partners.

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