Modular Buildings

We manufacture a range of products, designed to be compatible with the many modular buildings, accommodation and mobile welfare units available in the UK. We supply major manufacturers and refurbishers alike, giving consistency of application with a system to suit any paintshop.

Our waterbased 600:333 leads the way, in terms of drying times, ease of application and cost per square metre painted.

Our Low Odour product 340:105 passes all requirements under COSHH essentials, and is safe to use in areas with only natural ventilation. You get the benefits of using Waterbased paints without the drawback of waiting all day for it to dry! This is perhaps our biggest selling product due to those factors, and it is significantly cheaper than waterbased coatings too!

Low Odour

340:105 Low Odour High Solids Primer Finish
  • Low odour coating for spray application
  • Fast drying xylene free
  • Used for site cabins / modular buildings industry
  • Low sheen finish
340:205 Low Odour Brushing One Coat Primer/Finish
  • Low odour coating for brushing
  • High opacity
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Ideal for cladding and container refurbishment


600:333 ST1Kone
  • Suitable for modular buildings / site buildings
  • Airless spray application
  • Anti-corrosion pigmentation
  • Fast drying water based formulation
600:503 ST1Ktop
  • Waterborne coating with proven adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Non-toxic environmentally friendly coating
  • Fast drying
  • Excellent coverage

Quick drying

207:401 QD High Solids Semi Gloss Primer Finish
  • Compliant high sheen primer / finish
  • Less than 420 g/l, suitable for sites using 5 – 15 tonnes solvent per year
  • High build
  • Anti-corrosive pigmentation
207:502 QD High Solids Semi Matt Primer Finish
  • Ideal for site cabin industry
  • Quick drying mid sheen finish
  • Airless spray application
  • No priming required
210:032 QD Ultra High Solids Primer Finish
  • Designed for high volume O.E.M. manufacturing
  • Compliant to 0.37, ie users over 15 tonnes solvent per year
  • Excellent durability
  • Wide colour range