How do I select the right coating for my structural steel project?

Most people when talking about structural steel focus on engineering and design, material selection, and the types of welding processes that are used. Structural steel finishes, however, can have a major impact on a finished product’s durability, functionality, and appearance.  […]

What is the best type of paint for structural steel?

Structural steel designers and builders are often faced with the challenge of finding a protective coating system to protect their assets.  These assets will need to be protected from the elements and any other damage caused by their operating environment. […]

Download our ISO12944 coatings for steel guidelines

Have you seen the Pronto Guide to ISO 12944 Standard for Structural Steel Coatings guide for Steel? In it, we Explain the critical steps in determining a coating system that complies with ISO12944 Share what is required to meet essential […]

Choosing coatings for metal fabrication and steel applications

When you are specifying coatings for metal fabrication, there are naturally different types of coatings that are best suited to different applications. But what is driving your choice? Here’s four of the most important.   Corrosion protection The main purpose […]

Things to consider when coating steel and other metals

  In this article we explore how to get the most from coatings for steel, critical steps in surface preparation and identify primers from Pronto’s range that are ideal for different applications. Preparation In all cases, surfaces should be cleaned […]