Top Ten Pronto End User Coatings by Volume 2023

We’re now able to export some incredible data from our business management system and are pleased to present the top ten Pronto end user coatings by volume for 2023.

The list is encouraging as it demonstrates that many of our end user customers are still investing in the higher quality, quick drying products despite some challenging trading factors.

They may cost a little more per tin, but the quick drying additives mean coated surfaces and products can return to service substantially quicker, supporting compelling arguments of a Total Cost of Coating saving with Pronto.


1. Quick Drying Ultra High Solids Primer Finish for skips and containers (code 210:032)

Our number one direct seller in 2023 was our Quick Drying Ultra High Solids Primer Finish.

Primarily designed to be used as a ultra high solids one-coat finish for steel fabrication, it gives good exterior durability combined with resistance to certain chemicals. Suitable for users using over 15 tonnes solvent per year.

Typical applications are for skips and rollonoffs, shipping containers and accommodation units.

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2. Single pack Quick Drying Industrial Zinc Phosphate Primer for steel (code 200:026)

A fast drying general purpose anti-corrosive zinc phosphate metal primer, giving a high build matt finish.

It can be re-coated with most types of finish and offers excellent protection of bare steel and fabrications with a good resistance to salt spray, humidity etc.

Find out more about 200:026 here.


3. Quick Drying High Solids Semi Matt Primer Finish for cabins (code 207:502)

Especially developed for the site cabin manufacturing industry, this finish provides a good all round durable finish, without the costly and time consuming preparation required for a standard type product.

Find out more about 207:502 here.


4. Epoxy Ester Roadline (code 160:006)

Market leading line marking solution, displays superior durability over chlorinated rubber systems. Use on roads, car parks (concrete or tarmac/weathered blacktop), airfield runways, brick and paving.

Typical applications include warehouses, factories, demarcation of pedestrian areas, and steps. Comes in 20L cans.

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5. Quick Drying, One Coat Primer / Finisher for steel (code 203:042)

Quick Drying Sheen Primer Finish is a quality sheen finish, fast drying (airless) one coat with anti-corrosion protection. An economical one coat primer/finish with a higher sheen level than usual for the customer who wants their item to look good without costing the earth.

It is available in a range of colours including most British Standards, RAL and special colours to customer requirements.

Find out more about 203:042 here.


6. Low Odour High Solids Primer Finish for cabins and modular buildings (code 340:105)

If you need to be low odour, high solids primer finish that dries in super quick time for your site cabins and modular buildings, this is proving a must.

It is a low odour, high flashpoint, one-coat primer/finish with high build potential that is based on a high performance alkyd resin system.

Technical details here.


7. Quick Drying High Build Gloss Finish for skips and containers (code 203:142)

The 203:142 High Build Gloss Finish by Pronto is a glossy, fast drying coating manufactured for the waste industry – ideal for refurbishing skips and containers.

This coating yields a gloss finish giving resistance to chemicals with good exterior durability and excellent re-overcoating properties.

Especially developed for industries that require a good all round durable finish, without the costly and time consuming preparation required for a standard type product,(i.e. etching, priming and finishing).

Find out more about 203:142 here.


8. Quick Drying Thinners (code 003:000)

Our quick drying thinners are the perfect partner to our range of quick drying products. They are available in 2.5l or 5l cans and are a perennial best seller.

Find out more here.


9. Water based Primer / Finish ST1Kone (code 600:333)

Single pack Waterbased Acrylic Anti Corrosive Primer Finish. Zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation. Good adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

Fast dry and early water spot resistance. Tough flexible exterior durable coating. For use where flammable solvents are not permitted, can be applied by airless spray, brush or roller.

Suitable for accommodation units, steel fabrications, plant and machinery and waste containers.

Find out more here.


10. Quick drying high solids industrial primer for steel (207:516)

A compliant primer for structural steel fabrication that dries to give a mid sheen finish with good all-round exterior durability.

Conforming to PG6/23 it contains a phosphate-based anticorrosive protection system and offers resistance to certain chemicals, greases and oils.

Find out more about 207:516 here.




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