Top Ten Paints by Colour 2023

We’ve been pouring over our sales data for 2023 to identify interesting trends and preferences.

Something we’ve not looked at for some time is colour.

So, here is the top ten Pronto Paints sold in 2023 by colour.

If you’re not stocking or using and want to see how Pronto might offer a better, more durable finish and for a lower total cost of coating price, get in touch.

Here’s the countdown:


1. Red Oxide (primer)

Our number one best selling colour in 2021, 2022 and 2023, is it going to match Manchester City’s 2024 Premier League FourPeat?

Most commonly specified by customers using 200:026 QD Industrial Zinc Phosphate Primer or  207:516 QD High Solids Industrial Primer

2. Black

Black paints can be found right across our range including vinyl primers, industrial primers, road line marking, chassis paint and more.

3. White

White coatings are especially popular in our line marking sector.

4. Light Grey (primer)

5. Dark Grey (primer)

Dark grey primers include 103:006 2 Pack Epoxy MIO Primer and 200:026 QD Industrial Zinc Phosphate Primer.

6. Biffa Red

Having made Biffa Red for nearly 30 years now, we are proud to have such strong associations in the waste and container industry.

7. RAL 7012 – Basalt Dark Grey

Get in touch to discuss RAL 7012, another popular colour in the waste container sector.

8. Wernick Grey (custom)

Wernick Grey is an approved colour for Wernick Group, a national provider of permanent and temporary modular buildings and site accommodation.

9. RAL 9005 – Black

Popular colour across many product ranges. Variation on our standard black.

10. RAL 6004 – Traffic Green

The only “green” that makes the Top Ten on sales.


We have to give an honourable mention to RAL 7016 – Anthracite Grey. It has dropped to 14th in our list perhaps because it isn’t as popular as it once. There was a time when anthracite windows, doors and decor were all the rage, but we know sometimes tastes evolve and change.


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