What is the best type of paint for metal fabrication?

  Metal fabricators and product designers are often faced with the challenge of finding a protective coating system to protect their assets.    This post answers the question “What is the best type of paint for metal fabrication?   Depending […]

Top Ten Pronto Distributor Paints 2022

We’re often asked which coatings achieve the most sales through distribution so we’ve looked at the sales data and can share our Distributor Coatings Top Ten for the very first time. If you want to try out or stock any coatings […]

Choosing coatings for metal fabrication and steel applications

When you are specifying coatings for metal fabrication, there are naturally different types of coatings that are best suited to different applications. But what is driving your choice? Here’s four of the most important.   Corrosion protection The main purpose […]