Pronto Paints supports the Minutes Matter initiative to transform 3,000 Red Phone Boxes into defibrillator sites to save lives

Every year in Britain, 30,000 people are struck by a sudden cardiac arrest outside hospital environments. Unfortunately, without immediate treatment, 90-95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims will die. To provide emergency care as fast as possible and reduce the risk of a fatality, The British Coatings Federation (BCF), along with Pronto Paints, have partnered with Community Heartbeat Trust and BT in a nationwide scheme to install life-saving defibrillators in rural phone boxes.

5 benefits of being a Real Living Wage employer

It was announced yesterday that the real living wage is to rise from £8.75 to £9 an hour – a pay rise of 2.9%. Employers have until May 2019 to bring in the pay rise, however Pronto will be complying immediately.
Read our latest article to understand why Pronto prides itself on being a Real Living Wage employer.

New Real Living Wage rates announced on Monday

On Monday, the 5th of October, new Real Living Wage rates are being announced, to be more inline with our modern ways of living. Since October 2014 Pronto Paints has been accredited as a Living Wage employer. The Real Living […]

How SMEs can help improve their employees’ mental wellbeing

A big misconception is that wellbeing policies are purely for large corporations. In reality SMEs are in a much better position to implement changes that can actually make a difference to their workforce. We have come up with some cost-effective solutions any size business can easily introduce.

The best ways to incorporate exercise into a working day

Following on from the previous article “How incorporating group exercise into the workplace can improve employees physical and mental health” here are some ideas on how to encourage employees to incorporate exercise into the working day.