MD’s Update May 2022

Interpreting our year end data By way of update, the latest data on the ongoing battle to absorb as much of the continual price increases as possible. Average raw material price is now up 55% since last March, this is […]

MD’s Update April 2022

“Have you got it available? I need it now!”   Do you remember the old days ? When you learned your craft on how to engage with your target market and write relevant content? When you rehearsed the first conversation […]

MD’s update March 2022

Pricing. The subject we try to avoid whenever possible, for fear of upsetting the applecart maybe. The red line on the chart below shows where we pegged oil price when reviewing prices in Sept-Nov 2021.     I could do […]

MD’s update February 2022

New statistics published in January by our great friends at British Coatings Federation addressed the significant raw material price inflation that has been impacting our industry for much of the last 12 months. BCF reports: 📈 Solvent prices were up […]

MD’s update – December 2021

We’re, almost unbelievably, nearly at the end of 2021, another tumultuous year in our industry. And it’s time to reflect. But we’re not going to be downbeat. We’ve all faced a multitude of challenges that have been well documented. Instead, […]

MD’s Update – August 2021

  We always strive to walk on the positive side of life at Pronto. And we’re pleased that the coatings industry, via the BCF is reporting increasing levels of confidence and a surge in demand in some areas. They’re seeing […]

MD’s update – July 2021

A bit of a personal post. 22 years ago this week (5th July) I arrived at Pronto for the very first time. As a Shell STEP undergraduate, I was tasked with creating a website for the company. The very first […]

MDs blog – Demand and Supply update, June 2021

Writing in response to a recent BBC Business piece about building projects being hit by lack of supplies and price rises (26/5/21) I commented that we’ve been in the eye of this storm for several months now. We’re confident that […]